What kind of Yoga?

The yoga proposed by CONNECTIVE is soft and dynamic. Based upon the ancient principles of Sukshma Yoga, it focuses on the subtle body by insisting on breathing exercices and concentration points. It allows the body to become more flexible and release the stagnation of Prana, vital energy. It increases the strength and vigour of the different organs and systems within the body. It also offers challenging postures, helping to build a stronger muscular system.

By focusing on inner body movements, these exercises lead to a renewed consciousness and reappropriation of the body. This approach is both adaptable and unique to each person and whilst on one level seeming simplistic, it can be highly benefitial. While shaping the body, it stimulates the digestive system and the circulation in the body, calms the emotional system and provides increased physical energy. The benefits of such a practice allow us to reconnect with different parts of our body and cope better with daily life. If performed correctly and regularly, it will awaken the Kundalini, the inner vital energy.



souplesse - enthousiasme - énergie - détente - tonicité - dynamisme - bien-être - harmonie - créativité - équilibre