Indian head and face massage - 30 minutes * 30€

This massage is based on Indian energy points and can be given at short notice afer a day of stress or tiredness at work. It affects the whole body and brings peace of mind while providing renewed energy.

Abhyanga Massage - 60 minutes * 55€

This treatment combines traditional Indian oil massage and energetic Indian massage based on ayurvedic principles. By touching gently on specific energy points (Marma) this reactivates the natural flow of energy within the body. Marma means «hidden » or « secret ». This massage provides a deep well-being and the sensation of re-unifying body and mind.

Massages Corps en Eveil

Relaxing and holistic massage with essential oils. Using various levels of touch and sensitivity, this massage allows the body to relax deeply and calms the mind.

* Special Pregnancy - 30 minutes * 35€ - 60 minutes * 55€
After 3 months of pregnancy, no energetic points and no essential oils

Special Draining - 30 minutes * 35€ - 60 minutes * 55€
Relaxing and holistic massage with essential oils and Shiatsu with foot massage. This massage is suitable during pregnancy (after 3 months pregnancy avoiding energy points with no essentials oils).

* Back&Shoulders Special - 30 minutes * 35€ - 60 minutes * 55€
Strong massage with essential oils using Shiatsu (based on Chinese medicine). Tackling deep muscle tension whist harmonising the energy flow around the body. The one hour 15 minute massage is a full massage and includes instructional yoga techniques to help the client to look after specific problems.

* 10% for students and members of CONNECTIVE *

The treatments offered by CONNECTIVE are for well-being purposes only.




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