54 rue Porte de France
30900 Nîmes

Tel: +31(0)6 14 22 46 19

The studio is located in the city center,
2 min. walking distance from the arena and cinema Le Sémaphore


Director and teacher for Connective
Julie Thérond

inspired by various yoga techniques in London with Vitor Borges (Mindfulness Yoga), in The Netherlands (Iyengar), and trained in Canada with Krishan Verma (Art of Living Foundation). I offer yoga which is influenced by my experiences in the world of yoga and meditation from its most traditionnal to its more laïc forms (MBSR - Jon Kabat-Zinn). Today, I receive teachings by André Riehl (Kashmir Shaivism) and Colette Flogny (TKV Desikachar).

I also offer Ayurvedic treatments (marma and abhyanga), or a Chinese approach when it is needed.
Training: ARTEC, Montpellier (Abhyanga and Marma) then with Ann Revington (Art of Living, Canada), inspired by workshops with Dr.Vasant Lad (USA and Puna, India) Dr.Robert Svoboda and Dr.Claudia Welsh. As for massage, I thank Christian Bernard, with whom I have learned and practiced relaxing massage, basics in Traditional Chinese Medecine, as well as the practice Shiatsu (C.A.P.T.E, Nîmes).

My teaching draws upon different sources: my daily life, my practice, various readings, voyages and encounters with mentors, but also from my experience in the world of art and movement. I am constantly learning and developing my skills, thanks to my students, as they allow me to experiment ways to come closer to our being, towards more grounding, serenity and inspiration. This in order to live more fully our human condition and our relation to others.

My initial training in the arts (La Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, Goldsmiths College in London) as well as my practice as a visual and performance artist have allow me to pay attention to the link between well-being and the growth of everyone's creative potential. This manifests in the activites offered by CONNECTIVE.

Guest teachers season 2016-2017
Colette Flogny, Philippe Beer-Gabel, Véronique Dieudé, Arnaud Kancel ...

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Members of board
Nathalie Huant (graphism and webmastering), Aurélien Garand (design flyers),
Christine Péraldi, Sandie Safont, Cecile Seenivasagam




souplesse - enthousiasme - énergie - détente - tonicité - dynamisme - bien-être - harmonie - créativité - équilibre